Anna Vordermark

Anna Vordermark

I'm a healthcare content marketer.

I write for healthcare - caregivers, hospitals, manufacturers, and the B2B firms who support them. Here are some things I write outside of my "real" work.

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Premier Inc. Leaders Talk Healthcare Trends

These local and national healthcare trends directly affect Premier Inc. stakeholders. This recap of the May 20, 2016, Charlotte Chamber Health Care Summit answers the question, "why do we care about this?"

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Social Content - Personal and Corporate

Image tweets on healthcare and marketing topics

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4 ways to promote equity of care in your LGBTQA patient community

Nearly 56 percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual people and 70 percent of transgender people have experienced discrimination while accessing healthcare in the United States. As healthcare leaders in the greater Charlotte region, I encourage you to use recent events as a teachable moment for yourselves and your staff.

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Practical Steps for Handling Bullies

Are there more bullies now than a few years ago, or just more witnesses with camera phones? Regardless of the reason for the recent attention, bullying is a serious issue and parents and adults play an important role in educating our children.

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Walking Charlotte

As a city overall, Charlotte scores 39 out of 100, making it a “car-dependent” U.S. city. Realtors are using the professional version of WalkScore when helping people move to new cities.

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Looking for Fourth of July Family Events? Start with A Healthier Charlotte!

Heading into a long Fourth of July weekend, Charlotte has no shortage of family events to celebrate Independence Day. Here are a few options for the top of your list:

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Local Hospitals Win National Recognition

While Hospital Compare won’t let you compare hospitals like lets you compare hatchbacks, it will let you look at individual hospitals to see their scores in key areas, and how those scores rank against the North Carolina average and the U.S. national healthcare average.

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When Snacks Attack: Understanding Food Allergies

If you think you have trouble reading food labels, consider how vulnerable children are, especially in school lunchrooms where pudding cups and string cheese fluctuate values faster than foreign oil futures.

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Personal Branding 101

Corporations spend billions of dollars ensuring a consistent, profitable, and customer-focused brand experience, but you can manage your personal brand in just a few hours a week.

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Mother's Day Weekend Forecast: Healthy With a Chance of Educational

Mother's Day weekend is jam-packed with Charlotte area events, from a Charlotte Roller Girls bout at the Grady Cole Center, to the Asian Festival in Cornelius, and a certain sold-out golf event in South Charlotte.

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Working Hard or Hardly Working? Counting Calories Burned Through Exercise

If "Bob" is trying to build lean muscle and lose some fat, what happens to his net calories for this workout if he drinks two or three 120-calorie 'sports drinks' during his workout?

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How Healthy is Mecklenburg County?

Mecklenburg’s black eye comes in the category of physical environment, where we rank 99th out of 100 North Carolina counties. This is driven mostly by our number of air-pollution ozone days: 22 days in Mecklenburg versus a North Carolina average of 6 per year.

Genetic influence on daily wheel running activity level

Daily running wheel activity level in mice is significantly affected by genetic background and sex.

Inpatient Prospective Payment System Proposed Rule

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